AEROCEILING - Infinite Possibilities by CLIPSO
AEROCEILING is a suspended frame system also referred to as “clouds.” Used for decorative, acoustic, or backlighting purposes, clouds are the ultimate design expression.

AEROCEILING cloud systems are 100% customizable. They can adapt to any design specifications and shapes in conjunction with the appropriate CLIPSO profiles. AEROCEILING frames can be designed to incorporate acoustic and/or backlighting solutions. You can create your own look with our custom printing services.

• Provides an attractive acoustic solution
• 100% customizable
• Integrated lighting
• Easy installation process
• Suitable for walls, ceilings, and partitions
• Wide selection of sizes, from small to large surfaces
• Custom print capabilities
• Access to plenum

AEROCEILING is proudly assembled in the United States to ensure high quality and the fastest lead times available.
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