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We assist architects, project managers, and contractors with finding the perfect construction product for their needs - all while staying within budget.

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picture of a column product used at the Philadelphia International Airport

The above image of the Philadelphia International Airport displays our K Column product line brought to us by Fry Reglet.

With over 30 years of experience, we are leading experts in design & specialty construction and architectural product acquisition. We regularly assist architects & contractors with their search for their right product for the right job. Whether you are looking for affordable products that are strong/durable/reliable or you want to create the next architectural wonder, we have the knowledge and skills to assist in every step of this process. Our clients actively refer us and thank us for not only our technical expertise but for having their back until every piece is installed. Contact us today and we can discuss your product options and even do product demos, presentations, AIA CEU lunch and learn opportunities upon request.

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Product Types

We have access to a vast selection of product lines. Below is a list of the types of products we can offer you.

  • Ceilings

    Acoustical, Wood, Fiberglass, Luminous, GRG, Metal & Stretch

    Ceiling Services
  • Walls

    Acoustical Panels, Wood Walls, Aluminum Door Frames & Glazed Doors, Architectural Films, Resin & Glass Panels, Decorative & Custom Panels, Metal Systems, Translucent, Solid Core/Phenolic Panels, Gypsum & Stone Veneer

    Wall Services
  • Columns

    GRG Fiberglass Reinforced, GRC/FRP, Metal Columns, Translucent

    Column Services
  • Facades

    Exterior Column Covers, Cornices, Soffits & Trim, Rainscreen & Other Facades, Daylight & Solar Control

    Facade Services

Experienced Product Acquisition

We work with a large number of product lines and can help save you time and money with your next project!

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Industries We Serve

Over 30 plus years of business has led us to serve industries of all shapes, sizes, and budgets. We can offer you reliable, durable products that will accomplish your aesthetic goals.




Hospitality &



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Manufacturer Lines

There are a large number of manufacturers that offer an even larger variety of products. We are expert navigators in these waters and can help save you time finding the right product for the right job.

Our Manufacturers List


Our products have been showcased far and wide. Below is just a quick snapshot of our vast portfolio.







Our Full Portfolio

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Our sales and customer service team have years of experience helping customers find the right product line for their needs. Get in touch! We are ready to assist you with your next project!

We offer specialty walls, ceiling, façade, and column products to commercial construction companies, architects, and interior designers. Contact us today to learn more!

Areas We Service:

Wilmington, DE Ceilings | Wilmington, DE Columns | Pittsburgh, PA Ceilings | Pittsburgh, PA Columns | Newark, NJ Ceilings | Newark, NJ Columns | Philadelphia, PA Ceilings | Philadelphia, PA Columns | Princeton, NJ Ceilings | Princeton, NJ Columns