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New Product Line: METAL, FELT, TECHSTYLE and a complete WOOD offering

Providing Technical Information on New Product Lines

S&S Resource will now be representing multiple lines and material categories

picture of a examples of new metal, wood, felt, and techstyle ceiling, column, and facade product lines Contact Us

CertainTeed Architectural is very excited to announce that in addition to Decoustics, S&S Resource can now represent multiple lines and material categories within our portfolio that include:

  • FELT

and a complete WOOD offering from standard to fully engineered solutions.

S&S Resource team provides expertise in specialty architectural products, works with architects, designers and contractors to deliver product solutions and provide assistance from concept to competition of commercial projects ensuring that your team’s vision in understood, maintained throughout the process and projected in the final product.

Please contact S&S Resource to request a demo of our latest innovative products for METAL, FELT, TECHSTYLE and WOOD!

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