Pittsburgh. PA Walls and Ceilings

Pittsburgh. PA - Business and Commercial Office Ceilings

Pittsburgh is the second largest city in Pennsylvania, and the county seat of Allegheny County. With roughly a population of 302,000 residents living throughout the city, it is a large epicenter of businesses and commercial buildings. Along with old infrastructure, many buildings throughout Pittsburgh are in need of column & facade replacements. Call S&S Resource today to schedule the replacement of column and facades around your building.

Pittsburgh. PA - Business and Commercial Office Ceilings & Walls
Pittsburgh. PA - Business and Commercial Office Ceilings and Walls

Pittsburgh. PA - Business and Commercial Movable Walls

S&S Resource has been helping the Pittsburgh area with their business and commercial acoustical walls & wood paneling for over 30 years now. And since then, we have grown a reputation among the local area for our professional and leading experts in a wide variety of different walls and ceilings. Our Pittsburgh clients have always come to us when they’re looking for wall and ceiling services such as aluminum glass offices, glass partitions, movable walls, metal ceilings, and resin panels. So don’t wait now, contact us today and we can start discussing your Pittsburgh product options, as well as the chance for possible demos and presentations.

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We offer specialty walls, ceiling, façade, and column products to commercial construction companies, architects, and interior designers. Contact us today to learn more!

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